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The Network Wave   

     The Network Wave is a respiratory and somatopsychic wave that is unique to network care. The Wave is believed to be the means by which the body is able to shift states. The Wave is a strategy that the body develops through network care to be able to quickly reorganize itself and the mind to a new state of being.   

     When a person is stressed, he exhibits defense physiology in which the muscles are tight and the body is armored. During a network session, the gateway is contacted, causing the brain to connect to the gateway energy – energy that is at peace and available for healing. This connection shifts the brain’s state from defense to ease.   

     Being that the body and mind are one, the body must now make a similar shift to match the new state of mind. The Wave provides the body with a quick and efficient way to make this shift. The body goes into a state of “organized chaotic instability” for a moment as it reorganizes. This is the Network Wave.   

     The Wave happens automatically, and sometimes people are not aware of it. However, according to a research study, being aware of The Wave takes a person’s levels of health and wellbeing and significantly increases them. Research on the Network Wave phenomenon is being done because it turns out that The Wave is nonlinear in nature. Most nonlinear events – such as clouds moving, trees shaking in the wind, a flame flickering, and milk swirling around in a cup of coffee – only happen once. The event changes each time it occurs, which makes it impossible to accurately study. Due to this, nonlinear mathematics has been theoretical… until now. Unlike other nonlinear events, The Wave is reproducible.  

     This reproducibility is what makes The Wave so entirely unique, and what causes mathematics departments at eight of the world's universities to use The Wave in their study of nonlinear mathematics. During the research process, it has been found that as a person progresses through the levels of care, The Wave becomes more complex. This shows that a learning process on the part of the central nervous system is taking place as a person progresses in care. The person gets better at healing themselves as time goes on and is able to make larger and more significant changes with greater ease as he moves through each level of care.   

     For example, if a person takes piano lessons and learns – with practice – to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” it does not mean that he can play Mozart’s music, for it is much more complex. But if he progresses and can eventually play Mozart’s music, then “Mary Had a Little Lamb” becomes very easy. If your body’s situation requires a more “advanced healing skill” due to the nature of a condition you may have, you may have to progress to a higher level than another situation would require, but it also means that handling everyday life situations will become much easier.   

     Studies show The Wave to be a central pattern generator. A central pattern generator is able to take a complex task like walking and do it automatically. If you think about all the muscle contractions in the legs, hips, lower back, pelvis, upper back, and arms that are needed to walk, you realize that there is a lot going on at once. The central pattern generator in the brain makes it so that all we need is the intention to walk – the rest happens automatically. The cool part is that The Wave is hypothesized to be a central pattern generator. This means that once experiencing The Wave, all a person has to do is have the intention to be well and The Wave will automatically begin. The healing and wellbeing effects will happen automatically – just like walking. This is why it is so important to be aware of The Wave and to know what to look for, and to be aware of the outcome so that you can reinforce The Wave and its healing process.   

     There is a video on YOU TUBE that depicts the kind of state shift that the wave is a part of. In YOU TUBE search on shape shifting from vibration and frequency. You need the volume turned on. Each time the tone changes you will see the pattern of sand change. If you look closely, the sand will become blurred as it shifts from one pattern to the other. This is the period of “organized chaotic instability” that is similar to The Wave. The change in tone is synonymous with a change in a person’s state of mind that occurs with connection to the gateway. The change in the sand pattern is synonymous with the change that the body must make to be consistent with the change in the state of mind. The blurred moment is The Wave that allows the body to quickly create the shift and it can happen just as fast in the body as it does with the sand.