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At The Center for Healing and Wellness, we use a concept, and method that are defined by the term Reorganizational Healing. There are different approaches to and different types of treatment that accompany them. Our approach is because we consider the whole person and recognize that many different aspects of our lives contribute to our current state of health and wellbeing in our body and mind. We have chosen to take the approach of Reorganizational Healing because it embraces a broad perspective on health and life.  

Some people seek care at our wellness center because they are in pain. Our approach to pain is different than many other disciplines. Reorganizational Healing is about the person who is experiencing the pain, not the pain itself. It’s about how the person experiences the pain and what it brings up for him. Pain is an indication that your life -- whether internal or external -- is out of balance. Pain will help bring that imbalance into our awareness if we allow it to do so. This is the issue with any treatment that seeks to treat pain: we miss the opportunity to become aware of the imbalance in our life; we miss the message that the pain is carrying; and we miss the opportunity for a change to a better life that awaits us. Treating pain allows us to keep our life, as out of balance as it may be, continuing on the way that it is. This is not Reorganizational Healing. Reorganizational Healing uses the pain as an opportunity to make us pause and pay attention to what is going on, to recognize the need for change, and to reorganize our lives to a state that better serves us, our family, our community, and humanity as a whole.

We acknowledge the importance of exercise (if there is a fountain of youth, it is exercise) and nutrition (you are what you eat). But our approach is more specifically focused on the spine and how it acts as the interface between your body, your mind and your life. We look to enhance the awareness of how distress in one -- whether it is in your body, your mind, your life or your spine -- will create distress in the others. Conversely, creating peace in one will create peace in the others as well. This is the magic of working through the spine. If you are in distress, possibly from pain, a disease or an illness and are not sure how to address it, making positive changes in the spine, will create positive changes in the body, the mind, and in one's life as well.  

Our Wellness Center uses an application of chiropractic called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) that involves the formation of the Network Wave that is unique to Network care. This particular application uses contacts that consist of a gentle pressure along the spine to initiate the healing response, as opposed to a firmer “structural” adjustment or manipulation.