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“There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.”

Fear takes away our freedom. We end up stuck inside walls of comfort and we live in such a way that we don’t challenge those walls. As time goes on those walls close in and it becomes more difficult to stay comfortable. Sooner or later we are called to challenge our comfort zone and break through the barriers. Network Spinal Analysis helps you develop the necessary skills to make the changes, push through the comfort zone and take back the life that is yours.

Focus on Healing...

Network Spinal Analysis is focuses on the on developing new healing strategies and using them during the network sessions to heal your spine, your body, and your life. We will help you become more “educated” on how to be and stay well.

The reason that Network Spinal Analysis helps people the way that it does, is because it develops new healing strategies that help the spine and nervous system reorganize at a higher level. This greater level of organization allows the body to heal itself more effectively. It enables you to function with a greater sense of wellbeing in your life and in your mind.  

The new healing strategy is known as the Network Wave. The wave is a combination of energy moving through your spine, the muscles of the spine contracting in a wave motion, and your breathing becoming deeper. 

As a person progresses in care, the level of organization of the wave becomes more complex and the healing effect becomes more profound.

The wave is a product of the nervous system reorganizing at a higher level of complexity. This increased complexity relates to the nervous system’s ability to accomplish more difficult tasks — such as healing yourself, achieving a new level of success, or living with more fulfillment in your life — all with greater ease.

Studies have shown that being aware of the development of the wave has an exponential affect on our ability to heal ourselves.

Being aware of these strategies has to do with how you focus your attention. The idea is to focus on the development of new healing strategies rather than on the easing of a symptom. Use the easing of a symptom as proof that your body is learning new strategies to heal it self better. It is more difficult to become aware of these new healing strategies when our only focus is on the presence or absence of pain.

For most people, as they advance their strategies for healing, the conditions and symptoms they have, melt away or at the very least, become insignificant compared to the new level of wellness they have learned to achieve.

These strategies can be used any time you are met with a new challenge or life becomes difficult or stressful. What you learn with Network Spinal Analysis, you take with you in life.

 Network Chiropractic is based on creating more of a good thing rather than less of a bad thing. It’s about moving forward in spite of limitations rather than lamenting about the fact that a limitation may exist. It’s about reorganizing your body and your life to a level that is consistent with the beauty, ease and boundless health and energy of your authentic self.