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 A Vitalistic Philosophy    

The idea is that there is an intelligence that organizes all things, both living and non living. It creates the physical properties that make a rock a rock and makes water, water. A part of this intelligence is what gives properties to all living things, plants, animals and humans. It is the intelligence that guides creation, evolution and healing.  

Chiropractors call this intelligence, Innate Intelligence. Meaning that we are born with it. It is not learned from a book, but yet it is able to do things that the greatest minds on our planet have yet to be able to even comprehend. That is the creating of LIFE. It does things in our body that even the greatest super computer in the world couldn’t do. That is coordinate all the functions of the over 4 Quadrillion cells that make up the human body to function at once, together in unison.  

It does things that we, with our limited knowledge can not comprehend, yet we judge things that happen in our body because we think they shouldn’t be. For example, we eat something that is poison and we throw up and have diarrhea. Yet if you go to the drug store, how many bottles of medications are meant to stop this reaction. We think we know more than our bodies do. If we have congestion when we get a cold, which helps the body fight the infection, how much medication is available to decongest us. If we run a fever, which is an intricate part of the immune systems function, how many people take Tylenol to lower it.  

We think we know more about how to run our body than our innate intelligence does. Yet, it would take hours to count to 4 quadrillion and our body does it an instant.    

Consider how a person begins. We start as one cell, on tiny fertilized egg, which multiplies into two. Sounds simple right. But I would like to see a scientist be able to create two living cells from one. They may be able to “grow” one by providing the right conditions, but it is still the innate intelligence that is making it happen. Then the two cells become four, four become eight and so on until the very first organ, the spinal cord begins to form. The growing ball of cells uses the spinal cord to orchestrate the differentiation of all the different cells into all the different parts and organs of the body.  

The vitalistic philosophy is based on the fact that the same intelligence that created the body in the first place, will continue to orchestrate the functions and also return the body back to its natural state after it has been injured. Which is healing. The innate intelligence will continue to use the spinal cord as its means of connecting and contacting each and every cell of the body so that it can keep it functioning the way is was designed to.